Minerals HPL

Real Granite, real marble, real minerals look in HPL form.

Fancy real marble or real granite but concerned about hygiene, cost and difficulty of handling ?
HPL with mineral look is the answer.
Lamex Laminate offers minerals HPL in both standard and post-forming grades for kitchens and worktops.

HPL body is comprised of phenolic resin impregnated papers called Kraft paper. They generally range in weight from 80 to 300 g/m².

A layer of paper that separates décor paper from kraft paper. It may not be always used.

Transparent paper pressed on top of décor paper to improve scratch resistance and protection of printed design/color.

EN 438 main classifications of HPL :


H = Horizontal grade

V = Vertical grade

C = Compact laminate

E = Exterior grade

AC = Abrasion Class for flooring grade (AC 1 to AC 6)

A = Pearlescent laminate

M = Metal laminate

W = Wood veneer laminate

B = Coloured core laminate

R = Metal reinforced core laminate

T = Thin laminate < 2mm



D = Heavy duty or severe use

G = General purpose or moderate use

S = Standard grade

F = Flame-retardant grade

P = Post-forming grade

Minerals HPL 

It is regarded as the most environmentally friendly counter tops surface, the most  convenient, durable ,practical , versatile and economical decoration surface known in the field. 

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