Boards & doors skins supplied in form of boards of multiple formats & thicknesses.

When wardrobe shutters and door skins are required in the same decor and texture, Synchro Line Coordinated Surfaces are a fabulous and luxurious solution.

Synchronized Laminates, wood grain only, are the closest match to their real counter parts thanks to the surface texture being synched with wood grain exactly as in real wood.

Synchronization is achieved through complicated process and advanced  technology.

HPL body is comprised of phenolic resin impregnated papers called Kraft paper. They generally range in weight from 80 to 300 g/m².

A layer of paper that separates décor paper from kraft paper. It may not be always used.

Transparent paper pressed on top of décor paper to improve scratch resistance and protection of printed design/color.


In EN 438-3: ,three letters are used to classify a laminate:

1st letter : H for Horizontal application or V for Vertical application.
2nd letter : G for general purpose or D for Heavy-Duty.
3rd letter: S for Standard quality, P for Post forming grade or F for Flame retardant.

A numerical system is also defined in relation to the three important characteristics:
Abrasion resistance : overlay related.
Impact resistance : laminate thickness related.
Scratch resistance: texture type related.