Natural Veneer Compact Laminate

ENVY Compact Laminate

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, ENVY, Real Wood Veneer Interior Compact.


Lamex Laminate revolutionizes the industry offering a wide range of Compact laminates faced with Real Wood Veneer making compact laminate an item of luxury. 

ENVY is available in many wood species, modern or rustic in look, all finished with, Lamex coating, the industry best high traffic , scratch – resistant, water-proof and eco-friendly products.

On-site touch ups, repairs and/or refreshing are easily doable without any needs for any special equipment thanks to the state-of-the-art finishes used in the process.

0.6 mm thick Real Wood Veneer | Recon Veneer is used on both sides as face decor.

HPL body is comprised of phenolic resin impregnated papers called Kraft paper. They generally range in weight from 80 to 300 g/m².

A layer of paper that separates veneer from kraft paper. It may not be always used.

Matte | Satin | Glossy

High traffic special finishing
High resistance to abrasion.
High resistance to scratches.
High resistance to general use household cleaning chemical detergents.
ECO and health friendly.
Excellent Mechanical Properties .
Excellent elasticity.

Any thickness 3 – 25 mm ( ± 10% Tolerance )

ENVY is supplied in cut-to-size panels.

Standard master board sizes:

3 X 7′ | 915 X 2135 mm

4 X 8′ | 1220 X 2440 mm
6 x 12′ | 1830 X 3660 mm

Black | Brown | Gray | Red | Custom 

Standard Veneer matching: Random
Optional Veneer Matching: Book match, Slip match.

Grade AA (AWI) | Grade A (AWI) | Grade B (AWI) | Character | Rustic

Random | Crown cut | Quarter cut 




A number of light color woods make a tiny space look fancy and spacious. 





Medium color wood is an every day choice of luxury for any space.




Medium color wood is an every day choice of luxury for any space.




Dark woods are just bold magnificence.


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