Real Beton Laminate

Thin layer of real beton, crafted with passion to brut concrete look. It is the only Beton sheet carpenters can work with whether in workshop or on site with extreme ease and convenience in cutting, pasting and installing. 

Regular carpentry / joinery standard industry tools & adhesives can be used to work with Betonex. Thanks to it’s resin binder and to it’s laminate form Betonex, can be applied to curved surfaces, even to relatively small radius.

Betonex can be bonded to any standard substrate e.g. MDF, Plywood, Block Board, chipboard.. etc or even to plaster board, cement board, gypsum board, metal sheets.. etc.

Depending on the nature of the substrate , the method of adhesive application and the final intended purpose of the product, contact adhesives, PVA , PVAc, Epoxy and various adhesives can be chosen for the process. Please refer always to adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.

Optional acoustic Cork backing for floor applications.
Optional Magnet backing for easy installation and removal on floors or walls (requires magnet receptive surface).

Standard Thickness: ± 2 mm

2X4 ft    |   610X1220 mm
4X8 ft    |   1220X2440 mm
4X10 ft  |   3050X1220 mm


Betonex is ready to go product that requires no further process after installation unless lacquered look or lacquered finish for the purpose of sealing beton pores is required.
Betonex can be supplied pre-finished with Lamex coating upon request.


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