Color may differ from one screen to another and slightly from real counterpart.

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Metals offer a unique coloring and sheen, an excellent touch which makes them a fascinating and incomparable decision. Close by the specialized properties and advantages, it is, as a matter of first importance, the visual angle which renders Lamex metal surfaces so striking.

Lamex utilize daintily rolled foils of aluminum, copper, metal and tempered steel to deliver the amazing laminate. Utilizing an uncommon decorating system, the surfaces are outfitted with various structures and squeezed onto a hard HPL core. Furthermore, a portion of the stylistic themes are then wrapped up by hand. The outcome: laminate with genuine metal surfaces which make a scope of ambiances; from cool and efficient to warm, sumptuous or provincial and a lot more past.

The LamexL® Metal accumulation involves over 100’s of distinctive stylistic layouts which can fulfill a wide scope of tastes, from exemplary to present day, from configuration orientated to imaginative.